Set up your FDT Camera On Blue Iris: FD7901, FD7902, FD7903



  1. Find the IP address of your camera by running the FDT Search Tool.
  2. Click Next.

3. The next screen will show a list of cameras found on the network. Note the IP address of the camera you want to add to Blue Iris. In this example, the IP address is


  1. Open Blue Iris and click the “+” button to add a camera.

2. The New camera window will appear asking for information. Add a “Full name” and a “Short name” for your camera. In this example, the camera’s “Full name” will be FDT7901 and we left the “Short name” as the default “Cam1”.

3. Be sure that Type is set to “Network IP”.

4. If your camera supports audio such as the FDT7901, check the “Enable audio” box in the Options section.

5. When you’re finished, click OK.

6. The Network IP camera configuration window will pop up next. Start by entering the IP address you noted earlier from the Search Tool in the Address section.

7. Then fill in the username and password of your camera into the “User” and “Password” fields.

8. Click the “Find/inspect…” button. A window will pop up and show the inspection results. When you see “Done” you can click the “Close” button.

9. These fields should be auto populated as shown in the picture below. If they’re not, selecting the “Make” and “Model” should fill in the “Path” section.

10. Click the OK button to move to the next step.

NOTE: If you have a custom HTTP port setup, you will need to add a colon followed by the port number to the IP address of the camera. For example, if the HTTP port on the camera is set to 7000, the Address section would have the IP “”.

11. Click the Ok button on the remaining window to bring you back to the main screen.

 Your camera feed is now live!