Setup Motion Detection: FD7901, FD7902, FD7903

The camera will need to be accessed via a web browser on a PC or Mac. Using the FDT Web interface, the camera’s advanced settings will need to be configured. Please refer to the support article or video tutorial if you have not already set up desktop access to your camera.

Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers are required to configure the motion detection and notification settings of your camera. In this article, we will be using Mozilla Firefox to configure our motion detection settings. To save pictures or recordings from motion detection, please insert a microSD Card into your camera. The camera supports up to a 32GB microSD card. We recommend a class 10 or higher card.

To configure your setting on the FDT View app, please watch this video tutorial.


  • Desktop Access to your Camera (FDT Web Interface)
  • Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browser
  • SD Card


  1. Log into the FDT Web interface with your credentials as usual.
  2. Select the Config tab on the top.
  3. On the left-hand panel, click Alarm then click Motion Detection.

In this section, you can setup up to four windows with varying sensitives for detecting motion. The sliding bars change the sensitivity of the respective window. Sliding the bar to the right will increase the sensitivity level and show more of the red. Sliding the bar to the left will decrease the sensitivity level and show more of the green.

4. Slide the bars to your preferred sensitivity.

5. Enable the windows and adjust the size and position as desired.

Once the window is set to Enable, it will appear in the video feed. This window can be moved and resized as desired. Move the window by clicking and dragging to the desired location. Resize the window by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of it.

6. Click Apply once you have configured your preferred settings.

We recommend starting with the default sensitivity setting and adjusting more or less sensitive to meet your needs.


If you would like to receive email alerts when motion is detected, please follow the steps in this section.

  1. On the left-hand panel, click on Advance. Then select Email.
  2. Complete the fields on this screen.

SMTP Server: Depends server type (for example, Gmail type is

Port: Depends email carrier

Authentication: Depends on your email carrier

Authentication Status: Select enable

User Name: Your email address

Password: Your password email

Send To: Email address to receive alerts

Sender: Email address will send alerts from (same as email address typed in User Name)

Subject: Subject Line of Email

Message: Text in body of email

To see port information specific to your carrier please visit:

3. Click Apply then click Test.

4. If the setup was successful, you will receive a test email.

5. Next, click Alarm on the left-hand panel then Alarm Link.

6. Set the option “Email alarm and send with picture” to “Enable”.

If you have inserted an microSD Card in your camera, you have the option to save motion detection pictures and videos there.

7. When motion is detected, setting the option “Save Video to SD card” to “Enable” will record and “Save Picture to SD card” to “Enable” will take a snapshot. These files will be saved to your SD card.

8. “Capture Image” will also allow you to save 1, 2, or 3 snapshots when motion is detected.

9. Click Apply to save your settings.


The last adjustment to make is scheduling when you want motion detection to be active.

  1. Click Schedule on the left panel.
  2. The Schedule page shows a grid with days of the week and hours in the day. Red means the motion detection is active and grey means it is inactive.
  3. Click Apply to save your settings.