Record and Playback on the MicroSD Card: FD7901, FD7902, FD7903



  1. Insert the SD Card in in the back of the camera.
  2. Then log into the camera via a web browser.
  3. Click on the “Config” tab on the top.
  4. Click on System on the left-hand panel then navigate to Device Information under it.
  5. Check “SD Card Status”.
  6. If this reads 0, the SD Card isn’t recognized. Eject the card and reinsert it. Refresh the page and navigate back to this screen to ensure the card is recognized.

There are two options for recording: Motion Detection Recording and Timed Recording. Like the names suggest, Motion Detection recording records once motion is detected and Timed Recording records based on the schedule you set.


  • Log into the camera’s web interface then going to Config tab on the top.
  • On the left-hand panel, click Alarm then click Motion Detection.

In this section, you can setup up to 4 windows with different sensitivities for detecting motion. The sliding bars change the sensitivity with the right side being more sensitive and the left side less sensitive. Once a window is set to “Enable”, it will appear on the video feed. Move this window by clicking and dragging to the desired location. The window can be resized by clicking and dragging its bottom right corner. Once you have it set, click the Apply button to save your settings.

We recommend starting with the default sensitivity setting and adjusting more or less sensitive to meet your needs.

Next, instruct the camera on what to do when motion is detected.

  1. To do this, click Alarm Link on the left panel.
  2. Set the option “Save Video to SD card” to “Enable” to record when motion is detected.
  3. Set the option “Save Picture to SD card” to “Enable” to take a snapshot when motion is detected.
  4. “Capture Image” will also allow you to save 1, 2, or 3 snapshots when motion is detected.
  5. Click "Apply" to save your settings.

The last adjustment to make is scheduling when you want motion detection to be active.

  1. Click Schedule on the left panel.
  2. The Schedule page shows a grid with days of the week and hours in the day. Red means the motion detection is active and grey means it is inactive.
  3. Click "Apply" to save your settings.


  1. To setup timed recording, on the left panel, click Advanced then Timed Recording.
  2. Change “Enable Recording” to “Enable” to begin timed recording. There is a grid with days of the week and hours in the day. Red means the camera is recording and grey means it is not recording. “File Recording Duration” is how long the camera will record before creating a new file. “Stream” is which stream you would like to record.
  3. These streams can be adjusted under Media with the subcategory Video.


  1. To playback the recordings on the SD card, go to the Playback screen by clicking Playback.
  2. On the left panel, select the date to view recordings then select the option “SD Store”.
  3. Click the “Search” button. The recordings will show up below the Search button.
  4. Select the file you want to play and click the play button. The play button will change to a pause button while the video is playing.
  5. Click the stop button to end playback.