FD7903 SD Card Installation

The FD7903 Outdoor WiFi Camera supports a MicroSD Card of up to 128GB. The MicroSD Card slot is located inside the camera’s housing unit to protect it from exposure to precipitation. This will require dissembling the camera. Please ensure you have the following items before beginning the process:

  • Phillip’s head screwdriver (number 2.5 and J1)
  • MicroSD Card

NOTE: The camera must be off and disconnected before dissembling.


1. Begin by locating the four screws on the locking ring.
2. Unscrew the four screws with a Phillip’s head 2.5 screwdriver. The locking ring will come off over the camera.


3. Next, locate the four screws on the plastic lens cover. Gently loosen the four screws with a J1 Phillip’s head screwdriver.

4. The plastic lens cover along with the black plastic housing carriage will come off together.


Note: Shown here are all the pieces of the aperture.

5. The housing unit will be exposed and the camera lens will be directly pointed up.6. On the flat edge of the

6. housing unit, underneath the wire harness locate the MicroSD Card slot.

7. Gently push the wires aside and insert the MicroSD card. Be sure the gold contacts face up and the lettering of the SD Card face down.


To assemble the camera, please perform these steps in reverse order.