FDT Recording/Playback with IP Camera Viewer

FDT Recording/Playback with IP Cam Viewer

“IP Camera Viewer" is a professional security camera software that allows you to keep an eye on your home, place of business, cars, and valuables; watch your pets or your kids; monitor your nanny, babysitter, or employees. Watch your door for mail, packages or visitors.”

The software is available on all iOS and Android devices via the App Store or Google Play Store

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The software is also available on your laptop/desktop computer.



A microSD card must be inserted. The camera supports up to a 32GB microSD card. We recommend a class 10 or higher card.


Fore more information on how to setup your camera in the IP Camera Viewer software, click here.


Step 1: In the live view screen, click on the 8.PNG icon to access main menu options. 


This will navigate you to a description of ‘Record Mode‘ and what the app has available. To show this information on start up, toggle the switch to the on position, or if you wish to not have it show on startup toggle the switch to the off position. Tap ‘close’ when finished.


Step 2: In the record mode screen, click ‘Start Record Mode’.


Note: The recordings will be retained in the microSD card that was inserted into the camera. 

Step 3: To access playback, choose the camera you want to access and tap the 5.jpg icon beside ‘View Camera’ to continue.


Step 4: Tap the ‘options’ at the top right corner and select 'Playback'.


This will take you to the Record Playback menu. In this menu you will be able to control and monitor your playback data. To return to the previous menu, click the Back button to exit.