Recording/Playback with TinyCam

Recording/Playback with TinyCam

Step 1: Access the TinyCam Monitor application on your mobile device and swipe right on the live view screen to access the main menu.

Step 2: Tap on 'App Settings' located in the main menu. 


Step 3: In the app settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Web Server


Step 4: Tap on the Enable checkbox in the web server menu to enable remote access. 


Note: Navigate back to the main menu of the app, you will notice the web server is running and the IP address listed.


Step 5: Tap on 'Background mode' select your device and click on the "Play" icon to run the process in the background of your mobile device.

213.PNG 786.PNG

Step 6: Go to a computer or laptop and open a web browser. Type the IP address for your web server into the browser. Click 'Enter' and enter the username and password for your device to authenticate the connection.


Step 7: When you have successfully logged in, if there are any recordings present, you will be able to access them from this page. 


To access the recording, click on the recording you wish to view. A player will appear which will automatically show your selected recording.